Teaching/Artist Program 2011

Outrageous Fortune Theatre Company embraces a renewed direction focused upon arts education and expanding the company's reach, continuing to bring El Paso school children a fun introduction to Shakespeare, and looking to take the message to the greater West Texas and southern New Mexico region.

OFTC's Teaching/Artist Program is in the spotlight and the future looks bright! Keep an eye out for a new OFTC original adaptation of Shakespeare for Young Audiences coming in Spring 2011!

Something for Everyone!

A Tale of Comedy & Tragedy (as told by a couple of idiots)



Erin Boyle 2008

Layle Chambers 2004-2011

Debby Gilbert 2004-2011


  Ron Keck     2007-2008


Karen Moore 2008


Brennan Patrick 2008


Manny Rubio 2008


Creed & John 2004-2011




also El Paso Disposal and Helen of Troy with the support of